First step in Tencent Cloud and Baota Panel

Tencent Cloud and Baota Panel

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Install Baota Panel in Tencent Cloud


bt website

Find the installation command, now we use V5.9 for CentOS. Also you can use other systems you want.

installation command

yum install -y wget && wget -O && sh

Open your sever in Tencent Cloud:

Tencent Cloud

Install Baota Panel:

Install Baota Panel

Then we get your Baota Panel accout for the server, and login your panel. Here is my serve address, yours is different.

Baota Panel accout

New a website in Tencent Cloud

After login your server panel, setup a new website in the server:

New a website

Add your domain name:

Add domain name

All done, you can visit it now:


You can edit files in Tencent Cloud, use cd into the file:

edit files

vi index.html

vi index.html

Save and visit:


First step in Tencent Cloud and Baota Panel



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